Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs Makes 2020 General Election Endorsements

Interior Oregon House of Representatives State Capitol Chairs Upper Gallery

Mike Selvaggio, Lobbyist - 503.739.3629 mike@ridgelark.com
Daryl Turner, President - 503.225.9760 president@orcops.org
Angela Orr, Communications - 503.225.9760 angela@ppavigil.org


Portland, OR, August 13, 2020—At this pivotal moment where our communities reimagine what public safety looks like in Oregon, the job of law enforcement professionals continues to be deeply impacted by elected officials. In advocating for our members in Statewide offices and the State Legislature, we seek balanced leaders who are committed to collaborative discussions and sensible criminal justice and police reforms, while also protecting the collective bargaining rights of public servants. We support those who “have our six” and value productive and thoughtful partnerships in shaping public safety policy.

For Statewide offices, the Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (ORCOPS) board has voted to endorse Senator Kim Thatcher (R) for Secretary of State and Jeff Gudman (R) for State Treasurer.

ORCOPS also made several dozen endorsements for Legislative seats, including Kate Lieber (D) for State Senate in Washington County and backing State Senator Tim Knopp’s (R) reelection bid in Deschutes County.

Additional legislative candidates who have received ORCOPS’ endorsement will roll out that announcement in accordance with their own communications timetable.
We appreciate the good work that these candidates and elected officials have done in the past and look forward to them championing the public safety issues important to our communities and law enforcement.


The Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs (ORCOPS) is a non-partisan organization that advocates on behalf of police officers, deputy sheriffs and other individuals in Oregon law enforcement agencies. ORCOPS serves as a source of leadership within the law enforcement community and aims to build trust between law enforcement officers and the communities we serve.