Legislative Updates

Legislative Session Heading for a Bumpy Landing

May 14, 2019

Another legislative deadline has recently passed… As of close of business last Friday, any bills in a policy committee that had not been scheduled for a committee vote have been deemed “dead.” Luckily, ORCOPS’ priorities are still “alive” bills, and HB 3009 (protecting union resources) and SB 507 (PTSD presumptions) are both on track for […]

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2019 Legislative Deadline Week Update

Apr 13, 2019

This past week, the Oregon Legislature reached its pivotal mid-session deadline, meaning that House Bills must have been acted on in the House and Senate Bills must have been acted on by the Senate. By midnight on Tuesday, any bill that hadn’t been successfully acted on by a committee and sent to the House floor, […]

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Interior Oregon House of Representatives State Capitol Chairs Upper Gallery

2019 Legislative Session In Full Swing

Feb 27, 2019

Well, the 2019 Legislative Session is in full swing after a very quick start.  Usually, the Legislature gives the lobby and concerned citizens a week or two after bills are introduced before taking action, but this session saw bills scheduled for hearings and work sessions immediately. Through it all, ORCOPS has maintained a strong presence […]

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In Preparation for the 2018 General Election and the 2019 Legislative Session

Jun 24, 2018

Even though the Oregon Legislature is not in session, ORCOPS is still working to ensure policymakers hear our voice and understand what matters to us. We’ve just sent out the next round of questionnaires for state legislative candidates seeking ORCOPS’ endorsement for the 2018 General Election. We’ll be carefully reviewing each questionnaire and making endorsements […]

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Press Releases

Police, Fire Fighters, and Corrections Officers Announce New Legislation to Ensure Public Safety Personnel Access to PTSD/PTSI Treatment

Oct 15, 2018

Former Fire Fighter and Police Officer rides his motorcycle from Seattle to Las Vegas for PTSD Portland, OR – First responders are particularly vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the amount of consistent first-hand exposure to extremely stressful and traumatic experiences. As we understand more about the mental health impact and how PTSD and […]

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